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The International Agency for Research on Cancer as well as the national Toxicology Program classify formaldehyde as a known human carcinogen. According to an interview with Environmental Working Group Vice President for Research Jane houlihan, the potential dangers of hair straighteners are very valid and widespread: ( 2 we surveyed 41 top salons and found that almost all of them are using hair straightening treatments. We look across the industry, and the fact is if youre using a brazilian-style keratin treatment, its almost certainly releasing formaldehyde. Our bodies naturally make small amounts of formaldehyde, but its the formaldehyde we breathe in that can be dangerous. Its found in tobacco smoke, in the air around unvented, fuel-burning appliances, like gas or wood-burning stoves and in the air at a salon during a keratin treatment — and its one of the reasons that Brazilian hair smoothing treatments are so dangerous, not only. ( 3 according to the centers for Disease control and Prevention (cdc just smelling formaldehyde can cause sore throat, cough, scratchy eyes and nose bleeds. . The cdc also states: ( 4 formaldehyde is known to cause cancer. The cancer of greatest concern is cancer of the nose and throat.

Chitin makes up the exoskeletons of lobsters, shrimp and insects, among other things. When it comes to our hair, keratin is one strong and essential building block of our locks no matter how long or how short. Brazilian hair straightening is a semi-permanent hair straightening method accomplished by temporarily sealing a liquid keratin complex and a preservative solution into hair strands with a hair iron. This version of hair straightening is typically done in a salon with the whole process taking 90 minutes or longer, depending on hair length. The effects usually last about three months. Its important to note that if you have fine, straight hair, you shouldnt even consider a keratin treatment. Most people who are ideal candidates for keratin smoothing treatment have frizzy and/or curly and thicker textured hair. The main complaint and health concern with Brazilian keratin treatments is that so many (if not all) contain formaldehyde and/or formaldehyde-producing ingredients.

Stylists and salon owners were complaining about exposure to formaldehyde while using hair smoothing products. Osha investigated, and air tests revealed dangerously high levels of formaldehyde in salons using Brazilian hair straightening products, some of which were even labeled formaldehyde free! ( 1 keratin treatment cost is high (hundreds of dollars typically and health risks are real, especially when the treatment contains formaldehyde. Im here to tell you that you dont have to risk your health for beautiful hair because there are many highly effective natural ways to improve your hairs appearance, such as vitamins for hair and hair growth, among others. For humans, keratin is defined as the fibrous structural protein of hair, nails and epithelial cells found in the outermost layers of the skin. For animals, the keratin definition is the same, but animals can also have more keratin-rich parts like their hoofs, horns, wool and feathers. Put more simply, keratin is an essential building block of our hair, nails and skin. Some types of keratin also regulate vital cellular activities like protein production and cell growth. There are two types of keratin proteins: alpha-keratins and beta-keratins. The keratin found in our skin and hair is alpha-keratin. .

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Have you tried Brazilian hair straightening, also known as Brazilian keratin treatment? Many people see the keratin treatment before and after pictures and read the keratin treatment reviews and think it must be the best keratin treatment available. The results are just so impressive, particularly for people with especially unmanageable hair. Im not trying to deny that this treatment often works for a few months, but its not without its serious health risks. Its the protein that makes up your hair, nails and skin. Keratin treatments are meant to smooth damaged hair follicles, leaving you with straight, silky locks. It sounds perfectly fine until you find out that many Brazilian hair treatments contain an excessive amount of formaldehyde, naar which is why many countries (like the european Union and Canada) have already banned them. The United States has not banned them, but theres good reason why the federal Occupational Safety and health Administration (osha) issued a hazard alert and created an informational site just for Brazilian hair treatments.

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Argan oil benefits:Moisturizes your hair with Argan oil. How does a keratin treatment work? The hair is shampooed first and then blow dried so that all the moisture is removed. Then they use a treatment on your hair. The hair is strengthen and nourished back to health as it is restores your shine providing stronger cuticles. They will leave the treatment for 20 minutes and wrap your hair in a plastic cap. Finally, with the application of heat, a blow dryer and flat iron will lock the treatment in, thus creating a humidity resistant finish to your beautiful looking hair.

Can be used over any other chemical service. This was quite surprising for me because i told that person that I want highlights as well and he said you should get it done right now and then on the top you can get the keratin treatment done as it will tame the frizz. Suitable for all hair types: Universal treatments that can be used on all hair types. Temporary: Unlike relaxers or misselijk straighteners, results are temporary so you can change it st effective: The treatment is cheaper. I got it done in 6k (inr 6000) for my hair length. Takes less time to perform: Who likes to sit for an entire day anyway? No harsh chemicals involved.

There are no harsh chemicals that break your bonds in the keratin treatment process. Less heat damage to your hair: A flat iron is used only once unlike those rebonding treatment where it is done twice and intensely. Low cost on maintenance: Less maintenance is required for keratin treated hair. Keeps your hair volume intact: In my case, it created more volume. Enjoy luxurious texture and intense shine.

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No more frizz: Keratin treatments helps to reduce the frizziness in hair. Removes bad chemicals from your hair (hard water, shampoo residues). Retains moisture: your hair retains moisture after getting this treatment and thus looks no more dull. Gets rid of split ends: Frizzy hair can lead to split ends and your hair wont grow so keratin treatment can eliminate the frizziness. It replenishes the hairs natural keratin protein.

It makes hair color look more natural. You can see that in the picture that it makes your hair looks natural and less frizzy. No hair breakage: Keratin treatment does not break your hair. Smooth hair: It gives you smooth hair and looks healthier. Different styles: Smooth hair can be styled wavy or straight. Glossy shiny hair: Keratin treatment enhances the shine and gloss of the hair. Prevents and repairs hair cuticle damage. Reduces frizz and unwanted volume for better manageability.

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Keratin does not make your hair straight. It reduces the frizz. Thats the shine in my hair. Is keratin treatment good for hair? . Why keratin treatment is better than other chemical treatments: It is a unisex treatment: Yes even men can enjoy the benefits of keratin treatment and experiment with different styles. Relaxers use harsh chemicals to change the texture and break the bonds in your hair. While keratin softens, and makes your hair manageable without even touching the cortex. Cuts down styling and blow drying time: you dont have huidinstituut to spend an hour to blow dry your hair.

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Keratin is high in amino acids. Amino acids make your hair stronger and highly elastic. If you have over processed hair ( if your hair is prone to chemical treatments, coloring and blow drying) and they are chemically damaged, you can help the overall appearance of your hair by getting a keratin treatment. Nothing can heal damaged hair, but these professional treatments can significantly help you manage your damaged hair. I was always recommended the keratin Complex treatment for very damaged hair. It will smooth konterrevolution the hairs surface without permanently breaking your hairs bonds. Thus, your natural hair texture gradually returns as opposed to a relaxer treatment which uses strong chemical compounds to break bonds in the hair resulting in a straighter look.

Benefits of keratin treatment. How to take care of your hair after getting keratin treatment. Right hair products to use after keratin treatment. What to avoid to not to damage your keratin treatment. Have you skin ever wondered why you hair becomes frizzier overtime? Our hair is made of keratin but it reduces over the years as you start ageing and also due to environmental factors and styling. It leads to keratin deficiency and your hair becomes frizzy and loose shine.

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Today ill be talking about my experience with the chemical treatments. Is keratin treatment good for hair or not. For a beginner it gets scary because people have different take on the chemical treatments. Are they safe or not. What if it leads to hair problems. In this article, ill cover up all the following points. Pros and cons of keratin treatment. Is the keratin treatment safe? How much time does it take to complete the keratin treatment process.

Keratin oil for hair benefits
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