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All three events were held in Kilimanjaros crater, at 5,600m in altitude! In 2016, pizza hut set a record by delivering the highest pizza ever! In the same year, the highest tree in Africa was discovered on Kilimanjaros slopes. Finally, a number of people have done some really strange things on Kilimanjaro. For example, the crazy adventurer, wim Hof, along with 18 other trekkers climbed Kilimanjaro for a group record time of 31 hours and 25 minutes! Some people have even hit golf shots off Kilimanjaro. This latter feat was achieved by a beginner golfer who took his beginner golf clubs to the summit of Kilimanjaro.

routes. . Marangu route is considered to be the most popular one. Each year, almost 10 people die trying to climb the mountain. A porter from the very first successful summit lived up to see the 100th celebration of the climb. He was 118 years old at that time. The oldest person that successfully climbed the mountain was Valtee daniel, aged. It is approximated that out of every 1,000 tons of water that trickles down the mountain, 400 are directly from ice caps. Fun Facts, kilimanjaro has played host to the highest rugby, cricket and football match in the world.

On June 29, 2009, eight blind climbers made it to the top of the mountain what in a struggle to raise money for 52 blind children in Arizona. The first person to climb the mountain in a wheelchair zweten is south African Bernard goosen. He did it twice; first in 2003 and it took him nine days and the second time in 2007 when it took him only six days. Author of the legendary hitchhikers guide to the galaxy series, famed humorist douglas Adams, ran up to the mountain dressed in a rhinoceros suit. The mountain is in fact a massive strato-volcano, formed by repeated lava flow. It has three volcanic cones, two of them being extinct while the third one, kibo, is the highest point on the mountain and is dormant. Justin Timberlake, kenna and Lupe fiasco are planning to climb the mountain to raise awareness for the worldwide water crisis. There are six different ecological systems on the mountain, as follows: cultivated land, rainforest, heath, moorland, alpine desert and arctic summit. On the lower scopes coffee is grown and is considered a major export. Famous writer Ernest Hemingway wrote a short story where he captured the beauties of the mountain in the following passage describing the mountain as wide as all the world, great, high and unbelievably white in the sun- he named it The Snows of Kilimanjaro. The vast majority of the porters are hired from villages that are near the mountain.

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63, shares, article written by Adrian Padeanu. Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain on the African continent and one of the seven Summits. In 1889, the very first successful summit powder occurred and it took about six weeks in comparison to today when an average climber can do it in five or six days. From top to bottom, kilimanjaro consists of 5 climatic zones. The mountain stretches 5,895 meters into the sky, making it the worlds tallest free-standing mountain and at the same time, the highest point in all Africa. The snow caps are rapidly diminishing. In comparison to 1912, it lost over 80 of its mass mostly because of the climate changes (global warming). By 2020, it is estimated that they will be entirely gone.

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Mount kilimanjaro continent
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